Ron's Bitwise Binary Calculator (RBBC)

If 6 AND 5 = 4 did get you scratching your head. On the left you can see exactly what a logical AND does with two numbers. Using RBBC you can see that AND turns OFF all of the bits that are not present in both numbers.

RBBC accepts input as Decimal or Hex and instantly translates one to the other. It also provides a Binary zeros and ones representations of all Input and output.

The results are displayed as a Long (32 bits) and its respective high and low order parts as an Integer (16 bits).

Click here to download RBBC.

RBBC requires the VB6 Runtime which is available here. You may already have the VB6 Runtime on your machine as it has been included as standard on all new OS's that Microsoft has shipped as since Win 2K.

Enjoy RDub



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