Utilities available for download!

Does the expression "6 AND 5 = 4" get you scratching your head? Ron's Bitwise Binary Calculator RBBC performs logical AND, OR, XOR, and NOT operations on integers and shows the results in Decimal, Hex, and Binary. Requires VB6 Runtime files.

Need to do maintenance on your Access database and can't because someone has it open? Would you like to know which users are currently using it? Roster will tell you. Requires VB6 Runtime files and ADO 2.1 or greater.

Need to see how your app will fit on the screen at various screen resolutions? ScreenSize can help you. Requires VB6 Runtime files.

Ever have to make a zillion "Insert Into" statements to populate an Access or Sql Server table? Insertizer is an Access 2K database that will generate them for you lickety split in either MS Access or Sql Server dialects.

Lock Down an Access Databases to defeat a user holding down the Shift Key on start up to bypass your start up routines with Allow / Prevent Opening Database with Shift Key. Requires Access 2K or Greater.

Pop Up Calculator is a MS Access 2K Database that will show you how to incorporate a simple 4 function calculator right into your Access project. This solution uses 100% native Access code, there are no dependencies on anything that is not already built right into Access. What's more you have the complete source, so you can make modifications that will be unique to your solution.

Want to be able to send Email from Access WITHOUT using the client Email application? You can easily use Microsoft's CDO (Collaboration Data Objects) to accomplish this in Access. Here is some sample code to show you how it is done. Send Mail Using CDO

Need to calculate a persons age, or any other age in Years and Months? Copy and paste the function GetAgeStr() into your database, call it with the appropriate dates, and you are good to go.

Authenticate a user using their Domain Username and password using ASDI LDAP Authentication

Re-Set Access Auto Number Seed and Increment value

Word Spell Check How to Automate Microsoft Word to perform Spell Checking in Access RunTime installations.

Access DragDrop Demo How to set up a form In Access to accept files droped from File Explorer. The code Courtesy of Dev Ashish makes use of the routines built into the OS. The Demo is a Access 2000 MDB that you can easily adapt to your own project.

Access Linker Demo How to painlessly link tables from a Sql Server Backend Database into you Access MDB. The Demo is a Access MDB that you can study and incorporate into your Own Projects.

Access Data Driven Calendar Demo A data driven calendar that displays unlimited events per day, in a Monthly Calendar Layout. Uses only intrinsic Access controls, no Active X or other libraries necessary. Implemented in an Access 2000 format database.

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